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Park models are recreational vehicle living at its best, as they combine the cost-savings of purchasing a mobile home or RV with the comforts and appearance normally associated with a traditional home. This type of home is convenient, as it is pre-built in a factory, yet sturdy enough to live in year-round if desired. As more and more people discover the benefits of living in park model homes, the industry continues to grow and offer more choices.

Park Model RV's

A park model RV includes features and details you will not get with a traditional RV, such as covered porches and household size appliances. Park models allow you more flexibility. With this type of RV you can choose to live wherever you want without spending a fortune, and don't have to sacrifice certain comforts and amenities. Essentially, a park model home brings together the advantages of a mobile home and the advantages of a traditional home in a perfect mix of affordability and portability.

Park Model Homes

If you're in the market for a park model or cabin, look to Cavco as a manufacturer that produces a quality product, in addition to the aesthetics of the models available. A combination of the two will give you the best value for your money. A company like Cavco produces park model homes that are built to a high quality standard, and are beautiful to behold. Cavco has been building affordable homes for over twenty-years, and knows how important quality is, especially in the housing market. In addition to providing park models for warm climates, Cavco builds their Creekside Cabins with cold climate construction to ensure every customer gets what he or she needs. Park model homes are also available with cold climate construction consisting of features such as high insulation R-values, stronger standards for roof load construction, as well as specialized roofing.

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Park Models

The Purcell's purchased their 9024 loft model via
Delta RV internet sales. This unit is set up in
Indio, CA where they've added their own touch





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